Week 2 Summary

This week has been good for me overall. I’m realizing this class is not going to be what I expected but I think I will continue to learn a lot from taking this class. I passed the point of dropping it because it seemed like to much work, and decided that this class could give me some very useful skills and could be a lot of fun because I am not a super creative person naturally and I’m forced to be for the different assignments. I was felt like this week was harder partially because I decided to go home for the 3 day weekend and really didn’t do a lot of homework so when I came back I had some make up stuff to do and to complete the assignments for this class. I have been trying to complete one assignment a day so I don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of time and work each one takes if they are spread out more. I feel like I might be starting to get the hang of writing these assignments up but I am still working on it and trying to comment on my classmates work. I am still working on getting my website the exact way I want it, but I think it won’t ever be perfect and I will keep changing it as the weeks go on. I think because this is my first time with a website and blog I am learning still what works and what becomes more of an issue.

This week we had to complete 4 daily creates which started to get me used to being creative, and 3 assignments that were all different.

I did this work in order of how my week was going, so it’s only fair to discuss it the same way. My first daily create I was a little confused on if I should make it a blog post or not so I did for the first one. I made it a blog and a tweet. I was still working out some of the quirks of this class.

The next daily create really got me thinking, I daydream a lot but I haven’t really sat down to think about what I just end up in space thinking about. I end up picturing what I want my future to look like and it changes as my life changes.

The next assignment was really close to home in so many ways. As I said in my blog post, I run first response with the city and the number of 9-1-1 calls we get can be crazy. While some of them are sad and it truly is their worst day of their life, some calls make us laugh. I enjoyed getting to make a call just to laugh and enjoy the fun of the job.

The next daily create I did was about sayings I grew up with. This one scared me because I remembered doing it and posting it, but I had some trouble finding it on twitter, but with some digging it was there lol. Happy to find it.

My next assignment was about photo shopping myself into a concert I want to be at. I am still learning how to use photoshop so it was a interesting time making this this image, but I learned a lot of how to work with photos again. I was lucky enough in school to learn a little and now I have the ability to expand my knowledge.

This daily create was in the same spot as the day before, I am wondering if somehow I tagged it wrong, I will look into that for next week. I am a fan of country music and the 80’s were a different time for the music industry. While I understand Garth Brooks is still making music, this song came out in the 80’s and then kind of got lost through time, but I think it should be brought back into the spotlight.

My final assignment this week was the one that was closest to my life, and the most personal for me to write. The assignment was to write about how a song made me feel and post it to twitter with the feeling. While I was not planning on being personal for my blog it just flowed and seemed so right to do. I am not one to share my personal life on the internet but with the song I picked, it just seemed so right. So here it is, a glimpse into my personal life through music.

This week has presented some challenges but I feel like I am starting to become more comfortable with the different types of media we need to use. I commented on some of my classmates work and will work on commenting on more blogs next week. This week tested my time management skills that I hope to also keep improving this semester. I have decided I think I want my hyperlinks from now on to open in a new tab rather than change the page I am on currently. I have noticed how annoying it is to be reading something, click a hyperlink then poof! there goes the website I was looking at. I am going to now on, have my links open up a separate tab to view without losing the current page. I am enjoying being creative and exploring myself more through the assignments to come.

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