Weekly Summary 3

I have to say by now I am starting to get used to blogging and these assignments. While they are all very time consuming I am starting to enjoy them and getting to pick the ones I want to complete. This week has been better for me I was able to start the work this weekend and spent most of my time doing blog post and daily creates. I am still reminding myself to include the theme into my assignments each week. I enjoyed writing assignments that I picked and was able to use my creativity. I did not enjoy spending a few hours watching the movie Footloose and analyzing the story. While I do really enjoy the movie having to watch it and then critique it was not as creative as I was expecting it to be. I am finding the daily creates to become easier just remembering to check Twitter everyday which is something I am not used to.

While I understand the need for hyperlinks and like their place, I enjoy embedding my weekly work into this summary instead. I feel like its a better way for me to see all the work I have completed in one big post.

My first daily create this week is about my favorite nerds

The next daily create I did was to find an 80’s song that was poetic to me and share on twitter.

This final daily create seemed a little more confusing than others. I was not to sure if we were supposed to create art or find it. I found an album cover that is very 80’s and posted it. It may be wrong but I wasn’t sure but other people were saying how they ran things through multiple generators and made them, but some looked like they came up off googly like mine did.

The first blog I wrote this week was based off the readings and the movie Footloose. This is a good movie that I always enjoy seeing just not having to analyze it but I tried to be creative with it and follow the instructions for the blog post. I did not use to much of my own inspiration, it was more of the movie and connecting it to the readings and videos we watched this week.

The next blog I made is near and dear to my heart. I wrote a letter to my future husband telling him of all my hopes and dreams for the future, and what I expect of him while explaining what I am willing to do. I found this assignment in the writing bank it is worth 3.5 stars. This inspiration came from my personal life and dreams that I have had about what I want him to be like.

I decided I was going to write down a bucket list. Sometimes I will think of things I want to do then forget to write them down for 2 stars. This assignment made me sit back and think about the things I really want and while I see them as being more materialistic its because I have done some pretty great things already in my life and it’s hard to wish for things that I have done, and a better life than I have been giving. I am happy with my life at the moment and only see it getting better.

As the week progressed I was having trouble finding assignments that did not involve writing a haiku which I don’t do well. I found the next one odd but entertaining, it was to write about what I ate for lunch in detail for 3.5 stars. I enjoyed getting to be creative about my food and describe every detail I could think of about it. I was lucky enough to be able to just write about it and it was interesting enough to make a blog post about.

For my final post this week I had fun writing about a chipmunk. I was able to make up a story about how a chipmunk would view humans for a daily going through their daily routine. I could pick any non-human creature to write this story. This was an interesting assignment I found, but it tested my creativity to figure out how to decide people through the eyes of a chipmunk.

I also got better at commenting on my classmates work. I commented on Kollin’s work, as well as Tala’s as well as others. I am participants more than last week and look forward to continuing to participate more as the weeks go on.

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