Weekly Summary 5

The week has been the hardest yet for me. I had a learning curve to go over with editing the audio and mixing music up enough to sound different than the original. I did have fun once I started to edit and play around with the sound effects audacity had to offer. I have gotten used to editing audio by the end of this week and like 40 hours later (haha).

This week has gone by so slow and felt like I have spent so much time on this class and I need to find a new balance. This class is requiring a lot more time than I expected going into it. I have started to struggle getting all this work done and my other work done in the one week provided which includes the weekend. I am personally not a fan of starting my work over the weekend to be due Friday night but that is something I have to deal with for a few more weeks.

I have been commenting on my classmates work more and more. I have been disappointed that some of my classmates don’t allow comments so I am unable to add my thoughts to their great work. I commented on a few different blogs and ones that caught my attention and others where I felt like I could help the blogger figure out a problem they were having or I felt like I could relate or add something.

I did 3 daily creates and did blog about them and tweeted.

First we all had to do some of the same assignments for this week.

We had to listen to the DS 106 radio tweet along and blog about it. My tweets are embedded in the blog post.

We also all had to make a blog with radio show ideas

The next assignments I had to complete a total of 12 stars including the 90 sec sound clip that counted towards it.

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