Weekly Summary 6

This week has been stressful with my other classes and trying to stay on top of things for this class as well. I am very much looking forward to fall break and getting some time away from school to try and get ahead/ catch up. This week I was focusing on design elements and how to create them while still showing photos with meaning. I blogged every assignment and posted some of my pictures on my Instagram for this class. I also did 3 daily creates this week for my twitter.

Daily create 1 of 3 for this week

Daily create 2 of 3 for this week

Daily create 3 of 3 where I attempted to draw a Koala bear from memory

My first blog this week was called Intro to Design, where I reflected on what we had to read about design and the different elements design has in it.

My first starred post was about Dirty Dancing, because why not? I really like that movie and it was fun to try and make it a minimalist poster for 3.5 stars.

The next post I did was about a tattoo I wanted. I enjoyed this week because I felt like I really able to get creative and express myself on these assignments. I picked a rose for a tattoo because that is something I have wanted to get tattooed as long as I can remember for 3.5 stars.

The next post was about Princess Bride and add a quote to this movie for 2.5 stars.

The next post is 4 icons and a Movie where I condensed a movie down to just 4 icons for my classmates to guess for 3 stars.

My final post for stars was about cool letters and how they are expressed by mood for 3 stars.

My final post for this class was about designblitz, where I took my camera around this week to find different elements of design and post the pictures to my Instagram as well as blog about them.

I was able to comment on a few different blogs of classmates this week, here are a few examples:

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