Weekly Summary 7

This week by far has been the most stressful. I got into a group for the radio show project, but ideas were not concrete until later in the week, so that gave me less time to work on my assignments but I was still able to do it before the deadline. My group is working hard on creating the audio and each person is contributing to the audio of the show.

I have learned how to communicate without ever meeting someone to make a project work as well as to communicate about ideas and start getting people moving to get working. I have struggled with the time and not being a patient person this week waiting for my group members to respond while still going to class and preparing for fall break. I have learned a lot already, but I know next week I will learn even more! I have been commenting on some classmates work when I can, giving my thoughts and feedback. I hope to continue to improve my commenting next week.

I have been trying to keep up with all my classes as well as this one, I am just so happy I am half way through the semester. This has been my hardest and busiest one so far! I am going to be working on more audio for my 5-7 minute contribution to the show. As a group we have not started talking about who is going to edit the final product to submit? But I guess we will see, I can do it, I just don’t know if I have time to do that while not falling behind in other classes?

On a different note, here are my 3 daily creates from this week:

Here are my stars for this week, I went over to find one I actually wanted to complete:

Finally all of my sound cloud audio is embedded in the posts as well as below:

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