Weekly Summary 8

This week has been the easiest and hardest week so far. I have really enjoyed the flexibility and time no star assignments have allowed me to work on my radio show project. I have really enjoyed not stressing about this class this week. This has been a different week and good and bad. I have enjoyed getting to edit the radio show to show the class what my group has come up with. I am working hard on these assignments and this week I felt like I actually had time to work on them for the first time this semester.

I did two daily creates this week.

Here is the first blog post I made this week about my progress

Here is a copy of our radio show from this week.

We finished our radio show this week and ready to get it online published. I have enjoyed getting to play with audacity even more than before and feel like I’m definitely getting better at sound editing. I have felt like I really was able to blossom this week and show everyone how creative I really can be. This has been the shortest week with fall break but a good one. I just did not like that it was assumed we were going to do work over fall break. None of my other professor assumed that of us except for this class, which I felt was not right. Fall break is supposed to be a break from school and the stress of classes but this project added stress to the break.

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