Weekly Summary 9

This week has calmed down since last week which is good. I had time to complete the assignments and put a lot of effort into them. I enjoyed getting to rework some assignments from previous weeks and then focusing on the final project ideas. I am just worried what that will be like. Saying that I am happy we are already thinking about it so early so we can get a head start on it if we want. I was happy with the workload this week it was enough to keep me busy but did not leave me feeling overwhelmed by the work. I also feel like this week was about reflection of other weeks and realizing that we always have room for improvement. I struggled a little with my final project ideas but I started with a decent list I think just waiting to see what will come out of it.

I enjoyed getting to do the activities this week. I am starting by inserting my other blog posts then the twitter tweets I did this week.

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