“What happens in a Small Town” ~BG

This is a song that hits close to home for me being from a small town. I thought it would be fun to come up with different lyrics around the same kinda meaning about what a small town can be about. This is a song I have sung in my car at the top of my lungs feeling everything they are talking about. I am hoping to make fun of the lyrics for this assignment for 3 stars. This assignment is to make a parody of the song.

 "What happens in a small town stays in a small town
Every back road, we've ever gone down
Friday night bleachers, Sunday pews
Ain't a county line mile without a memory of you
Every whisper, every room, I walk in
Every time the bartender fills it up again
Everybody knows why I'm here, and you ain't around
'Cause what happens in a small town, stays in a small town"

These are the original lyrics to the song.

My version is:

What happens in a small town never goes away
Any road I go down memories are there
Saturday parties to Sunday church
I can never escape your painful memory
Every talk, person I encounter
Every drink I have to try and forget
I just want you out of my memory and away from this town
What happens in a small town never gets forgotten

I enjoyed this assignment because it caused me to think critically about the lyrics of the original and the new meaning I was trying to convey. I think it was a good job, it was hard to do and change the lyrics still knowing the tune and the words that are supposed to be there. I did enjoy how creative I was able to be with this project and the writing of the words is something I enjoy more than editing audio or sound clips. I added the original song here for those people who don’t know it. I think it is a good truthful song that has meaning on different levels.

I am also including my daily create from yesterday and today. I might add my daily create for tomorrow to this blog and then I will embed them again for my weekly summary. I am not to sure how we are supposed to blog about them, like include them in our blog post or make a separate one each day for them? But on the other hand here they are:

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