What is an emergency? 9-1-1

Everyone has a different view of what could be an emergency. I have worked in first response for a little while and what some people view as en emergency I look at like daily issues or just another day at the office.

This assignment is to kind of to make fun of the system and add the all the calls I will hear daily. I pulled this assignment from the bank from a past member oddly enough. There are some interesting calls we see so I decided to make my own call based off of this call.

This just came from the ideas of work. This hits home to all the crazy calls that we don’t say are real reasons to call 9-1-1. The calls that come out and when we hear the tones drop continue to shock me even when I think I have seen a lot. Maybe if people see this they may start to understand why not to call 9-1-1. The few memorable calls that we remember long term, are the weird ones that like Indiana Jones will get into. He will do these crazy trips that result good for him but our patients normally don’t end up as well. I was able to watch Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom because I had it on VHS. This was made to help others realize some of the crazy calls we receive here. The call volume has increased so much since the 80’s and the units have improved since then to where they are now and how much the technology has improved and how to turn the equipment on.

This is an example of some of the calls we get and some interesting people we get to meet.

I used Audacity to record different sounds of my voice and making the script up. I added some of the noises from the sirens on the ambulance and a sound of buggs bunny to get the answer of the person’s house we arrived at. I was recording my own voice and and playing with the effects of my voice.

This has been an exciting process, that I have learned a lot about audacity and how to mix the sounds over each other and fade in and out when I choose to. I have learned how to use the software and I feel like I am getting better with soundcloud and being able to upload my data and embed it into this blog. This has been a big learning curve for me so far, when I am trying to still figure out the ins and outs of the software.

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  1. This is so cool! Honestly everything about this is so dope, I love that you have worked as a first responder! This audio assignment was super unique too, I don’t know how to work with audio as much. Yours was hilarious!

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